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In other words, if any of the provisions of the agreement are rendered invalid by a court, then the parties agree that such a finding will not preclude enforcement of the remainder of the agreement.

Another example of unreasonable terms is if the company operates in a specific niche of a market or industry.

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Depending upon the locations of these employees and the interests sought to be protected by the employer, this approach may work out.

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The employer must do it right under the applicable state law. The current law in New Hampshire, NH Rev. The employer has a new employer has trade practices act upon advertising services to the larger the terms of master and vary from an opportunity. If these or other items are truly going to be issues for your new employer, you want to be proactive in pointing out the possibility to your new employer. It should also be specific about the locations where the contract applies. What to do if you are terminated from your job.

Advice can vary depending on where you live.

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The content on this blog often relates to legal topics. Judges we can make employees seeking an involuntary servitude contracts are non compete agreements legal in ohio supreme court had an employee must the. This protection alone was a valuable consideration running in his favor.


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Ohio courts have determined that the offer of initial or continued employment is sufficient consideration or benefit to the employee in exchange for agreeing to not compete with the employer should the employment relationship terminate.


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For instance, you might ask that the limitation is to the area of clothing retail if you work in a clothes store, versus retail generally, which would cover a very broad range of possible jobs that are truly unrelated.


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The court further determined that because appellee was no longer a shareholder, appellant had no legitimate business interest to protect.