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There had been talk of sending troops to Finland through Norway, although this may have been planned more as a ruse to occupy Norway to keep it out of German hands than as an actual aid to Finland.

Organization of American States Agreement for mutual defense assistance in Indochina, with three annexes.

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Agreement for free entry and free inland transportation of relief supplies and packages. Stalin did not give his menthe time to train, assemble and properly develop techniques. This draft combines the elements of three principal approaches towards defining the crime of aggression for the purpose of international criminal law. The end game for the Finns was to hold on until the West came to their rescue or Stalin settled for a negotiated peace. But in war or ethnic faith was coupled with annexes. The face of a shared goals that in finland?

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The Finnish commitment to neutrality can be seen in the actions and nonactions of the Finnish government starting even during the Continuation War and continuing throughout the Cold War.


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POSTAL MATTERSAgreement for the exchange of registered and insured parcel post packages. In less than tenyears, the country has managed to almost totally redefine its position on the international stage.

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