Authentic, Rejuvenating Tok Sen and Thai Massage in Toronto

Plai Bodyworks offers authentic Tok Sen and Thai Massage, located at the heart of St. Clair and Yonge. Through techniques and methods based on acupressure, fascial stretching, and energy-work from northern Thailand, you’ll experience a unique and effective bodywork experience like you’ve never felt before.

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Tok Sen

Tok Sen is an ancient healing practice that originates from northern Thailand dating back to the Lanna Kingdom. Tok means to hammer and Sen refers to the Sen Energy Lines coursing through your body, so Tok Sen means to hammer the energy lines. A kon (mallet) and lim (stick) are used in Tok Sen to clear energy blockages, relax the muscles, and set a relaxing rhythm. A typical session incorporates the use of the kon and lim and traditional Thai massage techniques.

Thai massage

Thai massage has been practiced in Thailand for over 2,500 years. Thai massage uses the principles of acupressure, Sen Energy Lines, fascial stretching, and certain yoga postures to invigorate the body.

Thai massage is a full-body massage that involves no nudity; the session is performed on a comfortable mat. At Plai bodyworks, no oils or lotions are used as traditional Tok Sen and Thai massage are done fully clothed.


Experience True Relaxation

At Plai Bodyworks, we make sure we understand what your needs are first and create an environment of comfort, respect, and safety. Only then will your body and mind allow itself to drift into true relaxation.


Where is your pain or discomfort coming from?

To help you understand your body, Plai Bodyworks helps you reconnect your fragmented body into one, in-sync whole, by repairing the bridge between you and your body while never crossing the boundary of pain.


Everyone reacts differently to the release at Plai Bodyworks

Discover if you will float like a feather, brim with energy like the sun or be so relaxed that you fall into deep sleep when you climb into bed tonight

Come! Plai wellness to your life.

Experience authentic Tok Sen and Thai Massage in Toronto