What is Tok Sen

Tok Sen is a healing modality that originates from northern Thailand dating back since the Lanna Kingdom. Tok means to hammer and Sen refers to the Sen lines (similarly to energy lines found in traditional Asian medicine systems), hence Tok Sen translates to tapping the energy lines. In order to perform Tok Sen, a kon (hammer/mallet) and lim (peg/wedge) is used to clear energy blockages, relax the muscles, and set the rhythm. A typical session incorporates the use of the kon and lim and traditional Thai massage techniques.


  • Release muscle tension (especially in the shoulders, entire back, and glutes)
  • Reduce physical and mental stress
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Clear energy blockages

Let's get Tok-ing!

How it works

Meaningful Impact

Although it may seem quite daunting to get struck by the kon through the lim, the effects of Tok Sen are achieved through vibrations generated from the kon and lim. The vibrations resonate through your muscles, which help soothe your muscles and relax the mind

Without having to spend a lot of time and “pain” to relieve muscle tension, the vibrations make it difficult for your body to register “pain”. Its important that you experience massage that goes beyond the superficial without crossing the boundary of pain.

Rhythmic Tranquilty

Another unique characteristic of Tok Sen is that it relies on rhythm and sound. A good Tok Sen practitioner must set a certain cadence for each strike without disrupting the flow and intensity of the treatment. As the treatment progresses, you may begin to become attuned to the combination of the sound, rhythm and impact produced by the kon and lim and the practitioner, which calls for an incredibly relaxing experience.

If Thai massage was considered the “lazy yoga” or “assisted yoga”, Tok sen would be considered as “assisted meditation”

Target Areas


Arms and Hands


final front stickmen zone massage (1)


Neck, Shoulders, and Back

Legs, Glutes, and Feet

good back stickmen zone massage (1)

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