About Plai Bodyworks

My name is Martin. I am a Tok Sen and Thai Massage practitioner. I graduated at the Old Medicine Hospital and furthered my studies under ajarn Joe Khumlee in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I am Holistic Practitioner under the City of Toronto. You probably have a bunch of questions about how this all works. I know Tok Sen and Thai Massage can be quite intimidating at first; but don’t worry, I’m here to help. 

In a time where overwhelming stress is common place, we sometimes forget to listen to what our body's trying to tell us. It wasn't until countless injuries from Muay Thai and the residual effects from over training that I realized the importance of listening to my body. Whether you feel that you're constantly on overdrive in your day-to-day life or lost in lethargy due to sedentary behaviour; your body's sending you signals to tell you something's off-balanced.  

Here at Plai Bodyworks, we offer authentic Thai massage and Tok Sen in order for you to relax, reconnect, and release.

Why Tok Sen and Thai Massage?

Tok Sen and Thai Massage is meant to be an all encompassing experience for the receiver. Both the mind and body have the opportunity to connect, while feeling a sense of true release through relaxation and remedial bodywork techniques and methods.

The most alluring aspect about Tok Sen and Thai Massage for me is its no frills approach in communicating with the body. Anywhere, anytime, just like Muay Thai, Tok Sen and Thai Massage do not rely on lotions, oils, massage tables or massage chairs to get the job done. 


The Space

Your sessions will take place warm and cozy cocoon like space in a residential unit.

Mobile Service

Experience authentic Tok Sen and Thai Massage at your own home! All you need to do is relax and enjoy our services. To maintain the quality of our services, we use a 4x8 mattress instead of a portable massage table us to execute proper technique and for you to relax, reconnect, and release. The best part? You can use your own pillow if you'd like!

We currently can only services clients living in the Toronto and East York region.

To book all out call services, please email martin@plaibodyworks.com.

What to expect

This session is for you. It's important that you communicate with me what you want from your session. Before each session at Plai Bodyworks, we ask that you fill out an intake form to let us know how we can help service you better. Please let me know if you have any medical condition(s) and contraindications. Click here to find out more

Get comfortable! Let the "oooos" and "aaahs" out if you want to during your session. Like an anchor sinking slowly into the ocean, your muscles will thank you. If you are tempted to fall asleep, go ahead! Don't hold back, release. 

Clothing is mandatory! Feel free to bring your own clothes if that makes you more comfortable. We ask that you wear T-shirt and comfortable bottoms like sweat pants or yoga pants. No shorts please. We also have client uniforms just in case you don't feel like bringing your own clothes.

Please turn your phone off or put it on silent during your session.

Step 1

  • Intake form
  • Step-by-step outline of what to expect out of your session
  • Change clothes

Step 2


Relax, Reconnect, Release

Step 3

  • Closing remarks
  • Feedback
  • Tea time